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GAABOR BBQ Pan & Hot Pot M15A




Rated capacity:2.2L

Rated power:1500W

Rated voltage:220~240V

Rated frequency:50~60Hz

Plug Type: Malaysia 3 Pin Plug

Color: White

Material: non-stick coating

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🍲 Boling, frying, and baking, double temperature and double control;

🍲 Rhombic baking plate, non-stick and easy to clean;

🍲 1L gold capacity hot pot, suitable for 2-4 people;

🍲 Circumflex double heating tube, fast and uniform heating;

🍲 Intelligent temperature control, automatic power shutdown;

🍲 Non-stick pot + hotpot inner pot, easy to clean;

🍲 Innovative design of pumping guide groove, easy to remove;

🍲 Apparent toughened glass cover, cooking at a glance;

🍲 Heat sink for fast and safe heat dissipation;


1. The surface coating of the fry pan is a food-grade Teflon water-based non-stick coating, and the white spots on it are sand spots with the purpose of improving the overall appearance.

2. The coating adhesion is tested by salt spray. It is acid and alkali resistance for 24 hours, and it will not fall off.

3. If the peeling occurs, it may be scratched by the user with sharp utensils (steel ball & brush), severe friction and corrosive cleaning agent during wiping cause the coating to peel off.