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    GAABOR 6L Air Fryer E6A
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    GAABOR 6L Air Fryer E6A



    Rated capacity: 6.0L

    Rated power:1700W

    Rated voltage:220~240V

    Rated frequency:50~60Hz

    Plug Type: Malaysia 3 Pin Plug

    Color: White

    Inner tank material: non-stick coating

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    🍚Controlled with PC, equipped with touch screen for precise temperature control;

    🍚360 Degree 3D hot air circulation, heating evenly;

    🍚Automatic power-off memory, energy saving, safe and assuring;

    🍚Food grade non-stick frying basket, trouble-free cleaning;

    🍚8 functional menus, easy mastery of various cuisines;

    🍚 Anti-scalding one-key cover opening;

    🍚 Low fat and oil-free, healthy and effortless cooking;

    【Precautions 】

    – If you need to take out the basket when the fryer is working, attention shall be made on moving the fryer to avoid being burned by high temperature;

    – Please keep a safe distance from the steam and air outlet to avoid being burned by high-temperature steam and hot gas;

    – Do not put oil or any liquid in the inner cavity of the fryer when using it;

    – The fryer shall be kept a space distance of more than 20cm from other articles when it is working;

    – It is recommended to preheat for 10-15 minutes to remove the antirust oil on the surface of the heating pipe when the fryer is used for the first time, and it is normal that there is slight smoke out of the fryer.